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I was born in July 1998, and since I was a kid, I've been really into visual arts. I love how they can make you feel and think about various things. There's so much to discover in every frame of a film or a photo.

I went to Isfahan University of Technology to study math, but after two years, I realized I wasn't all that excited about it. I didn't want to spend my life doing something I wasn't passionate about.

So, I decided to follow my heart. I started working as a freelance designer and photographer, and it's been an amazing journey ever since.


Loosenart Closeup group exhibition in Rome Italy

Group exhibition by Loosenart | "CLOSE-UP"| Dec, 2023

Rome, Italy

Loosenart family group exhibition in Rome Italy

Group exhibition by Loosenart | "The Family"| Sept, 2023

Rome, Italy

Loosenart poster

Group exhibition by Loosenart | "Minimal. Signs and Forms of the Essential "| Nov, 2022

Rome, Italy

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group exhibition

Group exhibition by Saba art gallery | " The imagination role "| Jan, 2022

Tehran, Iran

Loosenart Media, connections and signals group exhibition

Group exhibition by Loosenart |"Exhibition on Media and Signals and Connections "| Dec, 2021 Rome, Italy

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Street photography group exhibition by blank wall gallery in Greece

Group exhibition by Blank Wall Gallery | "Street Photography "| Nov to Dec 2021

Athens, Greece 

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Isfahan photo club 11th annual group exhibition

Group exhibition by Isfahan Photo Club | "The 11th Annual Exhibition"| Sept, 2021

 Negaresh Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan photo club 10th annual group exhibition

Group Exhibition by Isfahan Photo Club | "The 10th Annual Exhibition of Isfahan photo club"

 Sept, 2020 - Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art

Stable certainty, group photo exhibition in Tehran

Group exhibition by Isfahan photo club" Stable certainty"| Aug, 2019

 Tehran, Iran - Shamideh Gallery

Other participations

IAAF artfair in Istanbul by SEPEHR SAJJADIEH

Istanbul Art Fair | Sept 2021

Istanbul, Turkey

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The Lion documentary directed by SEPEHR SAJJADIEH

"Lion" Documentary

Role: Director

September 2020 - Isfahan, Iran

Seeing, photography workshop presented by Sepehr Sajjadieh, Sep

Photography workshop by Sepehr Sajjadieh | "Seeing"| Nov, 2019 Isfahan, Iran - Ernest Holtzer House

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