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Experimental Films

Started from the age of 15, I made my very first video clip.

I started learning editing and film making experimentally which I find, very useful, in fact, learning film making in a practical way is more effective than reading instructions from the books.

The fact that photography and film making are two very dependent subjects to each other, makes it even more important to master photography in order to use it as an advantage in film making.

The Bluebird

Creating this video clip took place in September 2017

The idea of creating this video clip was inspired by the strong feel of the poem itself.

Thanks to Parsa Reihan for his cooperation in this project.


Child laboring is the main focus of this short film.

We wanted to create a sense of loneliness in the daily life of these children.

Including the fact that we wanted to keep the clip as short as possible.


Talking about independent work, we were wondering about how could we make a video out of the un-named places around the city. A perfect example is the spaces under the bridges. Which brought us to a series of clips under the bridges.


The process of becoming a butterfly.

Trina Paulus reveals the story with pure perfection, and with the beautiful voice of Anousha Nowbakht, this poetry gets even better. We hoped to bring visuals to what we've felt rather than what we've heard. The growth and the recovery from depression using whales as a symbol of sadness and depression, and turning it to a butterfly, the symbol of free spirit and joy.

The water's Whisper

A political poem about hard times in society labeled as "winter" is a literary masterpiece from Forough Farokhzad a poet from early 80s.

Giving the audience a sense of abstract was the main focus of this video clip.  

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